The Waterproof Camera: Choosing, Buying And Maintaining Posted By : Edward Nave

If you are a water baby and cannot stay out of the wet stuff, then Tinderix IOS App you may enjoy adding a waterproof camera to your life. These cameras are a great way of detailing all the things that you see under the water and you can store them up to take a trip down memory lane in the future. It also lets you show other people who prefer dry land what they are truly missing!

7 Successful Strategies for Portrait Photography: How to Take Good Portraits Photos Posted By : Tenzin Pemo

A good portrait is described as a picture with a quality image that captures Rentalix IOS App both the physical features and character of the subject. Taking good portraits is very challenging because a photographer needs a subject with an upbeat personality that also reflects sensitivity and liveliness. Learn these 7 strategies for portrait photography today!

How to Create A Successful Concept Stock Photo Posted By : John M. Lund

One way to succeed in stock photography is to create concept photos that fill a need for utgcasaenmiami lifestyle or business uses, and provide a strong enough visual impact to grab a viewers attention. In this article I will take you through the process from idea to completed image sharing my process for coming up with ideas, my criteria for a successful stock photo, my shoot methodology, and an overview of my post-shoot digital imaging techniques.

Learn Digital Photography – Can You Make Cash from your Camera? Posted By : Wayne Turner

It concerns me as a photographer when I see the numerous articles and ebooks Bender8 about making cash from your camera. 8 Easy steps or 10 ways to turn those snapshots into cash. And, “Hi shutterbug here’s a foolproof way to turn those photos into dollars”. Or, earn $200-$400 per day from your camera. With all the resource boxes pointing to, you guessed it, books and cds that will help you make money from your camera or rather the authors make money from your purchase.

Learn Digital Photography – Is Digital Photography Dead? Posted By : Wayne Turner

Yes, digital photography is dead in the water IF photography is taken out of digital photography. As Kodaks brownie box camera and their Instamatic brought photography to the masses in the 20th century, so the digital camera has done the same in the 21st. But, once the ability to take photos novelty wears off, the lack of skills will relegate the digital camera to the hobby drawer.

Individual Character of Canvas Prints Posted By : Travis Olague

Every person has gathered an amount of adorable pictures or pieces of artwork during his or her life. Why not turn them into canvas prints? Now you can ask, what does it mean this statement canvas printing? What are the advantages of it? And why exactly canvas?
We would now like to try and answer these questions for you.